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My First Trip Down Salvia Lane

By Blake F. / Phoenix, Arizona

My girlfriend Jayne was the first to turn me on to salvia. It was on the morning of my 44th birthday last summer. I didn't know what salvia was, at the time and Jayne referred to it only as 'Sally'.

As sunrise is near peaking, she asks me, if I want to try something really high powered and different. What she pulled from her purse was a container filled with Salvia, the 5x variety. She began loading a large blown glass bowl with pinches of 0.2 grams at a time.

We consumed almost 2 grams between us. although I think she laid mine on heavier. The salvia began to hit me really fast, but out of nowhere. First the surround sound system across the room began to boom louder in my ears, but what caught my eyes was the dance of led lights refracting their rainbows across the room. They were almost bouncing towards me, like fireflies or liquid tracers doing arcs.

I must have been mesmerized for sometime with the light show, because when I looked towards Jayne, she had started walked to wards the kitchen. There began to be subtle time distortions, I would notice several moment rocket by in milliseconds and then look at the clock as ten seconds took minutes. The radio started playing something cool from the band Tool, I think it was off 'Lateralus' but could only register it like microwave humming. My ears were pulsating, as I watched Jayne disappear in and out of phase. Pretty much anything more than ten feet away from me, all of it began to fractal apart in sync with the pop static of the music.

Suddenly I began to have these head rushes, like I was seeing lights randomly flash past me whizzing by. These made me lose balance and roll off the couch, but as I landed on my back, I felt a peaceful euphoric warmth. After that I am unsure what was reality or not, I thought the ground dissolved and suddenly I was laying in the sky. I was drifting like a feather or a leaf, swaying as it floats down with gravity. The living room became very distant in my ears, but then my mind went blank and I fell into a lucid dream, or perhaps some other alpha wave state. Either way, I remember flying for hours and hours, until I awoke in my bedroom almost two days later. Apparently I crashed hard and Jayne left me another happy birthday message, telling me she had checked on me all day yesterday.

If there is an accurate description of the salvia experience, it was kinda like doing acid, but with the ability to drift off into unconscious resting easily. Falling asleep on most synthetics had proven impossible for me, in the past. Not with salvia, not at all. It made me feel so safe and cradled by the very air around me, that I could hardly resist drifting off. Perhaps I did not get the full effect of the high, that is what a male friend tried to tell me later. But I don't think that is accurate, I think I just was drawn to a more lucid dream state, or perhaps was really flying astrally. All these are possibilities, but I have no way to prove or assert those ideas as being valid. I like to think I was able to have a psychedelic day of very restful sleep.

On a side note, my rest after doing salvia was better than it had been for weeks. It felt like smoking the salvia rest my internal clock and got me back in sync with my sleep patterns. Although, after the night of my birthday, I woke up for three days following still feeling buzzed like I did when wasted on it before. Perhaps the residuals in the salvia chemical compounds had reached a level that I had to process out of my body, I never have been able to decide for sure.

Well, that sums up my first trip down salvia lane. Smoking 'Sally' for the first time has left me with many questions, but I am so very glad I did it and would definitely smoke it again.


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