Buy Salvia Divinorum

How To Get Salvia Divinorum?

Unless you are fortunate enough to have a friend with a Salvia plant, you will need to find a place to purchase either the dried herb, an extract, seeds, plant or cutting.

Here is a list of websites that sell salvia. We list some details of each company to let you know what what to expect. You should check to see if Salvia is legal in your state here first.

Buy Salvia Online:

  • Avalon Magic Plants- Sells a wide variety of "magic plants". Both in dried, powdered form but also some living. Has a good selection of Salvia products, including fresh plants when they are in stock.
  • Azarius Smart Shop has been online since 1999 and carries over 3000 different items. They have so many great things that they cannot ship to the USA, including mushrooms and cactuses. They even sell live salvia plants.

We Do Not Recommend These Companies:

  • - They carry a wide range of extracts only, ranging from 5x all the way to 60x!
  • Salvia Dragon - You have probably already been to this site if you have done any research.They carry dried leaf as well as extracts ranging from 10x all the way to the extreme 100x dose. They also carry a bunch of other herbs and herbal blends.
  • Shayana Shop- For over 10 years Shayana has been bringing customers some of the finest recreational, psychedelic and smart drugs.
  • - I am not sure what year this site started, but it looks a bit outdated so I would think the early 2000's. They carry a wide variety of salvia products including live plants as well as a large selection of other items including incense and crystals. The site is a bit clunky and hard to navigate.
  • - This is an interesting store. They carry Salvia and Salvia extract and sometimes have cuttings in stock. Where they excel though is that they carry a wide range of mushroom grow kits as well as other items to grow pot. They also have a bunch of herbs to experience some other interesting things in life.
  • Arena Ethnobotanicals- A USA based supplier of Organic Salvia! They ship all over the USA where Salvia is still legal and worldwide except for a few countries.
  • -SalviaMonster carries a large selection of extracts ranging from 5x to 100x and claim all extracts to be organic.They also carry other herbal blends and kratom.
  • - This site has been online since 2008 and offers a wide variety of salvia products including whole live plants. Because of this I am putting them at the top of our list since it is one stop shopping.
  • - PotentSalvia has been around since 2006 and offers some really low priced combo packs which include both leaves and extract. This gives you an easy and inexpensive way to try both sources. They also carry Kratom.

If you are a company that sells plants or dried leaves/extracts and do not see your site on here, send us a message here.