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Here you will find information on the vision-inducing plant salvia divinorum, including how to buy it.  Salvia divinorum has been used traditionally for meditative purposes, dating back to indigenous peoples of Mexico.  It remains popular today as a way to:
  • Open the mind to a heightened reality.
  • Focus the senses on inner consciousness.
  • Feel a stronger connection to the universe or a greater whole.
Salvia divinorum remains legal in many countries and US states because it has not been proven to be a health risk:
  • Its effects on the mind are short-term, lasting only a few minutes.
  • There is no evidence of long-term effects on the body.
  • It has no addictive properties.

People who have used Salvia divinorum praise it for opening a door to an intense transcendental experience.  Use these pages to find out more about Salvia divinorum, including how to experience it for yourself:

What is it?  What does it do?
  Explains the origins of Salvia divinorum as a shamanistic visionary tool, and the effects of the plant on the body and mind.

How do you use it?  Describes methods of receiving salvinorum A, the natural psychoactive substance found in the plant, from chewing to smoking to creating a tincture.

What are the laws?
  Outlines the legality of Salvia divinorum in the US and now in other countries.

Where can you buy Salvia Divinorum?  A resource for purchasing your own Salvia, including various concentrations of dried plants, fresh plants, and how to grow your own.

What Can Salvia Do To You? This is a new section where people share what their experience has been when taking salvia.