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My Salvia Experience

By Danica P. in Los Angeles, California

The following is a documentation of a 10x salvia trip I had in 2008. I was 25 years old, and I had smoked salvia a few different times before this point. However, every time I have done salvia, the experience has been unique. Therefore, I really had no idea what to expect.

Before I began my trip, I dimmed the light in my bedroom and lit two small candles. I also put on some of my favorite trance music and got comfortable on my bed. I packed a bowl of salvia and smoked it.

At first, everything felt normal. I didn't notice any intense hallucinations or feel much of anything out of the ordinary, but it seemed that the entire south wall of my bedroom was an open view of a farming field. This is difficult to explain, as I didn't exactly see it with my eyes. I could still see my bedroom wall, but my brain took the image to be farming fields. This didn't seem strange, and I didn't think I was tripping. In fact, I still thought nothing out of the ordinary was happening and that perhaps I should smoke more.

I decided to wait a few more minutes for something to happen. At this time, I began to hear voices. These voices were both male and female and all of them seemed to be talking about me. I kept hearing mentions of "her," which I assume was a reference to myself. I heard a lot of statements like: "Are you going to tell her?" It felt like there were a group of other people in the room with me, but once again, this didn't seem out of the ordinary. I was not aware that I was tripping.

I felt comfortable with these other presences in the room, but I began to become very annoyed with the music. I got up and turned it off. Immediately afterward, I missed it and turned it back on. I felt restless and a little confused. I still didn't realize that I was tripping, and I felt angry that nothing of note was occurring.

I decided to pack another bowl and try for a deeper trip. I smoked it using a torch lighter and took it all in, holding it in my lungs. I began to see lines in my vision and hear an increase in the voices, which were still saying things like "Should we tell her?" and "Are we going to tell her?"

I sat there, confused and holding my pipe. I began to feel a little worried about what these voices were debating telling me, and then things got really weird.

I looked up and saw an alternative version of myself standing in my bedroom doorway. She looked just like me but with shorter hair and clothing I had never seen before. She stared at me and then ran down the hallway toward the kitchen.

I felt very confused, as if I was about to do something important but I forgot what it was. I got up and followed her into the hallway and saw her standing next to the entrance to my kitchen, an urgent look on her face. I looked down at the pipe in my hands and couldn't remember what it was. I forgot that I had smoked salvia, and all my thoughts were centered around the idea that I was supposed to be doing something important. Then, suddenly, I heard the other "me" telling me that I should be cooking dinner. Cooking dinner seemed of the utmost importance, which is strange, because I wasn't particularly hungry at this time.

I started to come down a little, and I remembered that I had smoked. I laughed about the strangeness and decided to try one more time. I packed another big bowl and smoked it. This time, I lay back on my bed and closed my eyes. I saw a family standing before me: one male and two females. They told me that they wanted to tell me about their land and showed me a world that appeared to be made of thousands of tiny sticks. The roads, trees, houses, cars and even the people were all made of sticks, and the family kept telling me that I should "do it" too, which I could only presume meant that I should become part of their stick universe. I wanted to, but my trip was fading and I was slipping back into reality.

As I began to come back, I distinctly heard one of the female family members yell to me that I should be cooking dinner. It was very odd, because when I came down, I was filled with an intense hunger. I immediately went into the kitchen and cooked a large pasta dinner. It was delicious.

By the end of the night, I was feeling very tired, but I had a very hard time falling asleep. That night, I had intense dreams with very colorful visuals.


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