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Feeling Flat

by Jennifer S. - Denver, Colorado

Let me start this story by saying that it happened many many years ago. So my roommates younger brother was staying with us. He came home with a bag of what I thought was weed. I was cleaning the kitchen at the time. He asked if I wanted to smoke a bowl with him. Naturally I said yes, as that is more fun than dishes, or at least, makes dishes more entertaining.

We sat down on the couch and he told me "this stuff is really strong, just smoke it and chill on the couch for a little while." I told him I was pretty sure I could handle it (keep in mind I thought it was weed.) We smoked a few rounds and I went to the kitchen to do the dishes. About 20 seconds later, I became extremely aware of the fact that I was flat. Like paper. I looked at my hands, looked in the mirror... flat, flat, flat. I started to panic, not because I was flat, although that was upsetting, I was more upset with the fact that no one had told me all these years that I was flat I went into the living room and expressed my disbelief that not only was I flat but that everyone had kept it from me for such a long time. I should mention that I had only known my roommates brother for about two days, poor guy. After that it's kind of a blur, I remember, him trying to calm me down, I also remember that Whose Line is it Anyway was on TV. I think he was trying to snap me out of it by making me watch something light hearted. That only backfired because we used to watch that as children with my mom when my dad was on business trips. This upset me more because it just further corroborated how long I had been flat and how long it had been kept from me.

And then as fast as it happened, it was over and I was completely back to normal. I think the whole episode lasted about 5 minutes tops. Awful, terrible, I had a bad trip on mushrooms once that I would repeat many times, over how I felt on Salvia. The end.


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